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Farmhouse Bench from Bed Frame

So a big goal for January was to finish up project pieces that I had tucked away in my work shop (aka garage).


Well, here it is, simple ol' bed frame I picked up a while back but got buried. As you will discover I love to stress myself building things. 

Step one: cut it up a bit and get it down to seat height.

That wasn't too difficult.

Step 2: Now to start the building process. With a few extra 2x4's and my kreg jig, a must have tool, the frame is built. I got busy assembling and forgot to snap a few pics of this process but I promise I will try to do a better job next time.

Step 3: After a quick scrub down with Fusion TSP, a quick and simple step to remove any residue that may stop your paint from adhering. 

Fusion Mineral Paint color Coal Black was the pick for this project. Love, love, love how this paint covers.

With the cold weather, painting in the shop just isn't painter friendly. Because my always supportive husband was at work and it isn't very heavy, sneaking the bench inside to paint was pretty easy. 

First coat of black paint on. While the paint was drying, I ventured back out to the elements and cut and sanded down the bench seat.

Of course, I also forgot to snap a picture of the boards being stained and drying across our bar. Oh and the mind change that happened over the afternoon.

After seeing the boards stained kona brown, I grabbed another jar of paint. Fusion Raw Silk. Another one of my favorite colors. Nice and neutral and covers really good over the black. I only waited a few hours before moving it back outside to distress. Fusion paint dries quickly and the longer you wait to start distressing the harder you have to work to get through the paint.  

Meet Sammie, my black lab baby. She is quite spoiled as you will learn and does not like to be ignored. I promised her a walk and she felt it was time to go NOW. We also have a very spoiled Great Dane that is just as bad at photo bombs.

A close up of the back 

And there you have it...a successful transition from bed frame to bench. This piece will be making its grand entrance very soon in a local shop that I will soon be making a formal announcement about in the comings days. 

Hope you all enjoyed see this transformation and again as I improve on this blogging thing I will also improve on getting more step by step pictures for you as well!!!

Until next time...



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