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Farmhouse Black Hutch Makeover

 This piece was in really good condition when I found it but I decided to make a few changes prior to painting.

Before hutch

I removed the glass from the doors and cut off the pieces in the open areas to give it a more open look. Because I wanted to paint this piece black and give it a rustic, farmhouse look, I decided to line the back with reclaimed wood so the back was removed to make painting a bit easier in those small areas.

Once sanding and prep was complete, I scrubbed down the entire piece with Fusion TSP and some steel wool to get it good and clean. 

Next, two coats of General Finishes Lamp Black were brushed on and finally, a light distress to help show off these beautiful lines and add some pop. 

After it was wiped down and cleaned, the chicken wire was added to the doors, reclaimed wood to the back and new glass knobs from Hobby Lobby.

And here she is...



And the before and afters with my lil' assistant, Sammie. She felt it was fetch time and found a ball to play with.


And the finale...

I hope you enjoyed this makeover and check back soon for our next project.