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Coffee and end tables going farmhouse black

PIcked up this group at different times and glad I held off for a set...these pieces were sold and just needing a new is their before...

 Coffee table before

Starting with 80 grit, we got through all the finish, dings and scratches. Then smoothed it all out with 150 grit, also hitting any other surface to right up that shiny finish.

Sanded down

According to my gallery I only took a photo of the end tables, but you can envision a fresh look for the coffee table as well. Then onto our cleaning with Fusion TSP and we were ready for some stain and paint. 

All three tops were refinished with Rustoleum Kona stain and the bases received two coats of Fusion Mineral Paint Coal Black. The tops were then finished with top coat to give them a nice, solid and durable surface. The tables were lightly distressed and original hardware finish off the end tables. 

After photos



I hope you enjoyed this makeover and my goal is to remember to  get more photos of the painting process for our next project. 


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