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Check out our latest dresser / buffet makeover *Meet Percy*

Welcome to our latest project piece. This piece was pretty scrapped and dinged up on the top but the solid bones and rustic, country look was calling my name. 

Meet Percy before his makeover condition...

Before buffet dresser

Love his knobs...

Now let's get to work giving this guy a makeover...removed all the hardware and started sanding...


Here's the before and after of the top...started with 80 grit, then 120 and finished up with 150 for a nice smooth feel. Even though the drawers and cabinet base were getting painted, I hit them real quick with the 150 grit to clean off any gunk and rough up the surface for the paint.

Next comes the wipe down, I give every piece I paint a quick scrub down with Fusion TSP I dilute it down per directions and spray it on in sections, scrubbing with super fine steel wool and wiping clean. Its a quick step that helps ensure you have a nice clean surface for your paint to adhere too. 

cleaning time with fusion tsp

The gunk on this towel was just two drawers. It is definitely worth the extra time to clean your piece well before you throw down some paint.

I was bad at getting photos after this, sorry, but the top received a coat of Rustoleum stain color kona. After the stain was applied I went to work on the cabinet and drawers. Two coats of  Fusion Mineral Paint Coal Black and cabinet and drawers were finished. Fusion paint is an all in one paint that does not require a top coat. Woohoo. After curing it is very durable. 

However, with staining the top it definitely did. Four coats of top coat and it was finished up as well. Finally the inside and drawers got their final cleaning and the knobs were added. 

Wolla...all finished up and Percy is ready for his new home. Here's a final round of photos from this make-over. 

I hope you enjoyed his transformation and I look forward to sharing our next piece soon.

Final photo  final photo

  after photo



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