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Farmhouse Dresser Makeover

Welcome back for another project makeover of ours. Picked up this maple dresser at a local store and got started on it right away. Some pieces just draw you in and this is one of them. I'm usually not excited to paint a piece white but this one just seemed to pull me in. 

Here's the before...Maple dresser makeover before

It really just needed a quick sand with some 150 grit to rough up the finish. After sanding, I scrubbed it down some with Fusion TSP and fine steel wool to remove add dirt or grime and help our paint adhere. I knew I would also be refinishing the hardware so they also got a quick cleaning with our TSP. I can't stress enough how much headache cleaning a piece well will save you when you are painting furniture. Don't skip this step.

Next, I moved inside to get started painting. Yes, I paint inside a lot, no husband isn't a big fan but he has learned to just pick the chair that has the best view of the tv. Our weather doesn't always cooperate here with ideal painting temps.

Farmhouse dresser 1st coat Farmhouse dresser 1st coat drawers

The first coat is General Finishes Lamp Black. I love this paint for my base coat when painting a piece white. It helps cover up the maple or other dark finishes and gives a nice look when the white is distressed.

Farmhouse dresser 2nd coat Farmhouse dresser 2nd coat drawer

Second coat and finally some white. Rustoleum Chalk Paint in Linen White. I love this paint when going for the distressed farmhouse look. It sands down so easily that smooth coats aren't all that important.

Farmhouse dresser 3rd coat

Here is our 2nd coat of white. Covered up most of the black now to let it dry for a few hours. Because I wanted a nice smooth finish and a heavier distressed look, and the weather was nice, I moved it back outside to use my palm sander. This paint is easy to wet sand as well, but much more time consuming and a arm workout, I went with the sander.

Fast forward to the finished product and this makeover is complete. (My photographer forgot to get the sanding photos)

Farmhouse dresser after

Farmhouse dresser after side

Love how the black pops out in spots. This paint is awesome to distress!!!

I hope you enjoyed this makeover and check back for our next project piece!!!




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