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Farmhouse dining room table and chairs

This quickly has become one of my favorite projects. A friend text and said she had a cool table that she needed gone...I had to grab it. And it just so happened that a few days prior my mom and I were out thrifting and I picked up 4 chairs...because, well, I thought they were cool. 
So here is where we started...
before sanding legs before sanding
chairs before
I wish I had taken a picture of the leather fabric that was on these chairs, trust me when I say...OUTDATED!!!
The table legs and chairs were lightly sanded to clean up some spots then scrubbed down so we had a nice clean surface. Then onto sanding through that finish on the table top.
Table top sanded
Love how it cleaned up and the wood grain is gorgeous.
Onto some painted. Because I wanted to give this set a distressed, farmhouse look, I went with Rustoleum Linen White. This paint just distresses down so easy.
Here's our new look coming along.
first coat first coat
And here is the biggest challenge you'll face if you paint furniture white. Bleedthrough. However, not a big issue. I always have a can of Shellac close by. It does stink but if your just hitting up a few spots not a big deal. If you are covering a big area I highly suggest a mask and well-ventilated area. It isn't the healthiest of products but it works amazing, dries quickly, and paint covers right over it.
I probably had 5 or 6 spots that needed to a quick coat but then we were onto our second coat, and a third touch up coat here and there. But finally had a nice finish and onto distressing. For most of it I used my palm sander with fine sandpaper. The chairs did get some hand sanding but some of those areas were just too small to work around.
second coat chairs second coat
After their distressing, they were wiped down to remove the dust and sealed with wax. The tabletop received five tops of General Finishes High Performance Top Coat. In between each coat, I lightly sand with 400-500 grit sandpaper to smooth down and imperfections. I love having a nice smooth finish and this helps ensure that.
So here is our final project. These chairs were just meant to be with this table. And the, love, love. Pssst...and I remembered to scotchguard the fabric before attaching the cushions.  
After chairs After table top After table and chairs
Table base after
Excuse the slight tilt...our photographer must have been missing a shoe.
And finally our before and after shots...
I hope you all enjoyed this makeover and be sure to check back for our next project. Hint, hint, hint...I think I need to find another table and chairs!!! What do you guys think?