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Check out our latest Farmhouse Hutch Revival

Welcome back to another farmhouse revival. This piece was in rough shape when I found it. It had some water spots that needed some sanding, reshaping and a quick seal. The trim along the bottom needed some minor repairs.The previous person had used command hooks on the inside, apparently not the easy to remove type either. 

Really nothing major just some flaws that needed some extra attention prior to paint. After some repairs and a scrub down with our Fusion TSP we finally got to  move onto paint.

After the first coat of General Finishes Lamp Black it is already looking better.

The first coat of white over anything is always rough but the bonus to the black base coat is it will stop 90% of the bleed through. Woohoo. This piece only had a few small spots that needed some shellac.

Next came the second coat, still not an absolute perfect coverage but because I wanted a distressed look I wasn't too worried.

Here's our second coat of white before the sand...

Onto the fun, messy part...sanding. I love using my palm sander and some 150 grit paper with this paint. It gives it a smooth finish and lightly brings out the black undertone. For the small areas I just grab a wet rag or a sanding block. It is just that easy to work with.

Sammie was out making sure all sanding was up to her standards.  

After the dust clean up, I pulled out the chicken wire and staple gun to get to work on the door fronts.

This is probably my second favorite air/power tool, Arrow PF50 staple gun. For under $40 and it not only saves your hand but makes any stapling simple.  

Here is the link below (and I am not getting paid for this just trying to make hands happy)

On to the chicken wire...

 Wallah...once the pieces were cut the hardest part is stretching the chicken wire and keeping it straight. A second set of hands would be nice sometimes, paws aren't much help. Next up, the wood back assisted by my Great Dane...

Close up of the finished top. 

And some more of the finished product...

 And again the before...

And the after...

Whether you are looking to transform your own piece or are looking for that perfect piece to transform your home, I hope this blog helped inspire you!!!

Check back soon for our next project transformation!!!