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Dresser Makeover * Farmhouse/Cottage

Found this lil' gem out thrifting and could not pass it up. 
before dresser
It has some cool buttons around the top and along the sides, so those were popped off first to make sanding and painting easier. Then a light sand around the entire piece to rough up this shiny finish and smooth out some spots that it had. 
Next came our scrub down with Fusion TSP, EVERY piece gets the cleaning treatment. I can't stress it enough that if you plan on painting any piece, don't skip this step, it will save you the frustration down the road.
The weather was cold when I finally got around to paint so I moved it inside to help the paint dry quicker.
1st coat
After the first coat of Rustoleum Linen White, I had some bleed through so I quickly hit those areas with some Shellac. I even remembered to paint those small buttons.
Love this stuff, not in my house, but I love this product. Covers up stubborn spots and dries quickly.
The second coat of white covered great and once dry, I moved back outside to start sanding. After getting a nice smooth finish, I wiped down the dresser to remove the dust before top coating. While the top coat was drying the handles were painted and attached to the drawer fronts.
Next the buttons were all glued back on...
This piece is just fun. I love the unique build of this piece and the white just added so much life back to it!!!
And here it is AFTER!!!
I hope you enjoyed this dresser makeover. It's amazing what a little time, patience and paint can do to revive an old piece of furniture!!!
Are you looking to revive a piece you have or maybe looking for a certain style or color? Let us know we would love to bring inspiration to your home!!!