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Welcome to Revived Treasures!!!

My journey with painting furniture began about 10 years ago when I picked up an ugly maple hutch at a garage sale, stopped at Home Depot, bought some black paint and got to work. No prep, just threw some paint on it. A lot has changed since that first piece but my purpose and passion behind what I do has not.

During this time, I was a stay at home mom of two kiddos, one kindergarten, the other preschool. Some extra income sounded nice for my family so I decided to try my hand at painting furniture. Slowly selling a piece here and there and making some extra money. Any of you single income households can probably relate. It was nice. 

My purpose back then for refinishing furniture started simple, I wanted to give moms like myself with tight budgets the opportunity to be proud of their home while providing extra income for my own family.

I've been a vendor in Buckley and a store owner in Sumner. In June of 2018 we decided to close our store in Sumner to focus back on our families. A decision that was not easy, but looking back, one I am thankful I made. Now that my kids are, 17 and 15, and both active in multiply sports, the time I have left with them at home is growing shorter and shorter and I want to enjoy every minute.

So now that 2019 has rolled around, I am refocusing my journey down a new path. One that will allow to be build my business and also give me the time I want to have with my kiddos.

Blogging (which is totally new to me so bare with me),  second, growing a online presence (also new with) and finally getting back into a local store here in the Northwest (which will be back into my comfort zone, whew).

I'm hoping to have this finalized in the next week or two so the big reveal should be by the end of this month. So super excited for this one too!!!

So here we go and welcome to Revived Treasures!!! 


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