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White nightstands / end tables makeover

These night stands or end tables were pretty blah when I found them. They were solid with great bones, drawers, storage and best of all a bit taller than most. I couldn't resist so in the cart and home them came. 

Here they are, in their simple wood look with a missing knob...

The tops and drawer fronts were sanded down to remove the old finish and some scratches, the remaining wood was lightly sanded with 150 grit to rough up the surface. Next, I used our Fusion tsp, again this stuff is awesome, to remove any residue and give the paint a nice clean surface to adhere too.

First coat of black paint on and tops stained with Rustoleum kona brown...the insides are so fun to paint NOT!!!

And for the white...this is after the second coat of Rustoleum chalk paint. The tops at this time had a few coats of top coat on them.  I so love this color combo...

Because I wanted to sand these down to nice smooth feel and pull some of that black out, they were moved outside for their sanding. This paint is pretty dusty when sanded dry, if you want to just do a light distress on the edges of a piece with this paint, grab a wet rag and rub. It does wet sand really easy especially when done shortly after the paint has dried to the touch.

After the sanding, they were sealed and new knobs added.

Reminder of the before...

And after their makeover...

After photo night stands / end tables

I hope you enjoyed this project, and please check back for our next project rehab.

These night stands / end tables are currently available for pick up in our space @

The Trellis Cafe & Boutique Puyallup, WA



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